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Here is an excerpt from his statement on the subject: While I stand by my book’s call to sincerely love others, my thinking has changed significantly in the past twenty years.

I no longer agree with its central idea that dating should be avoided.

Instead of the drama and sexual temptations of dating, Harris recommended that Christian young adults find someone to marry in a different way, including by getting the families involved.

This column chronicles all of the must-watch documentary films available for streaming.

(2018, Van Der Wyngaard), a film that billed itself as an apologetic reflection on the dangers of turning sexual morality into a competition but that turned out to be nothing more than an attempt to return its subject, Christian author Joshua Harris, to the spotlight.

I know that the book was a best-seller because this movie told me so… In fact, the film begins with a montage of Harris participating in a whirlwind tour of television appearances and keynote speeches designed to drive home just how darn influential and powerful his message was.

One clip, in particular, stuck out: a guest spot on Bill Maher’s that made Harris out to be a kind of squeaky-clean, straight, Baptist version of Milo Yiannopoulos, a provocateur whose primary talent is the ability to say absurd things with a straight face.

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Perhaps the last third of the movie dealt with these questions in a satisfactory way.

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