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“Then, when I turned 7, my mother and I had ‘the talk.’ I was to change my behavior and wear a hijab, even though there were only girls at my school.

I was to prepare for when I would fulfill my destiny as a woman, learn to cook and clean and keep a household.” When Cyrus turned 9, her parents received an invitation from her school for the Requirement Day Ceremony.

Such gatherings are illegal, but many hold them in private homes hoping they will not be seen by or reported to the morality police.

After her arrest Cyrus was put in prison—not a prison for juveniles, but a prison with adults—as was everyone at the party.

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“She was still tied to her humanity.” Her grandmother told Cyrus’s husband that she was ill and needed her granddaughter to help her. “It took us three days and two nights to get into Turkey,” she recalled.By the age of 14 she had been arrested 12 times and was subjected to 100 lashes. Cyrus was taken to a registry office for a short ceremony. We lived in a basement.” Looking back, Cyrus explained, “It took me a couple of months to allow myself to even think about my situation.“The beatings covered my body from the neck to the ankle,” she explained. I usually passed out after the fifth or sixth, so I never felt the entire process.” “My father was very disappointed with me,” Cyrus recalled. “The problem is my bubbly personality,” she said with a laugh. I was sad but also angry, and I rebelled.” Her husband beat her if she didn’t do what she was told.In his first speech upon his return to Iran, Khomeni decreed that the marriage age for women would change from 18 to 9.“The first six years of my life were normal,” Cyrus recalled.

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She did not move to the back seat after her friends had been dropped off, so she was arrested for sitting next to a man. For this offense she was sentenced to 75 lashes, but her grandmother managed to pay off the police and her sentence was reduced to 25. The Iranian Revolution took our society back 400 years.” When told of her impending marriage, Cyrus cried and begged her father not to go through with it.

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