Important tips on teen dating

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Abuse is a choice and there are resources and counselors that can help him or her understand the consequences, the alternatives to violence, and how to stop the abuse.

If your teen isn’t ready to openly communicate with you about his or her relationship, let him or her know there are confidential resources and trained individuals available to answer questions and help avoid unhealthy relationships.

If a boy wants to do nice things for a girl, it important for such actions not to be associated as ‘less manly,’ but rather, a nice and masculine gesture.

If girls want to be expressive or eat as they normally do around their boyfriends, they need to be supported.

As teens learn to feel more comfortable with themselves, they can feel confident in expressing themselves, whether they are in a relationship or not.

Parents can also help challenge the idea of gender stereotypes by asking open-ended questions that allow teens to think about how popular media represents men and women, and whether or not these are behaviors or attitudes that should be copied. An important step to identifying unhealthy relationship behaviors, is having a clear idea of what it means to have healthy relationships.

The absence of abusive behaviors is not the same as a healthy relationship that is built on trust and equality.Alarmingly, boys were described as “less manly” around their girlfriends, and girls reported feeling less comfortable and relaxed around their partners.Talking to your teen about gender roles can provide an important foundation for building self-esteem and exploring identity.And, while your teen needs you more than ever to help them through this challenging time, they are also seeking independence and turning to peers.While it may seem easier to let your teen shake you loose, hang on. Right now, your teen is forming relationships that set the stage for future relationships.

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If you need support there are people and resources available to help.