Inserting and updating long lob colum Free webcam sharing xxx

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Inserting and updating long lob colum

Here's a little example, first the setup: DECLARE 2 l_lob BLOB; 3 BEGIN 4 INSERT INTO t VALUES (1, 'FF', '') RETURNING SOURCE INTO l_lob; 5 FOR i IN 1..10 LOOP 6 dbms_lob.writeappend(l_lob, 4000, 7 utl_raw.overlay('FF', 'FF', 1, 4000, 'FF')); 8 END LOOP; 9 END; 10 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed Despite the fact that you make a reversal (normaly you should move from LONG to LOB, LONG being obsolete)...You must use dbms_lob package, and make some plsql: Eventualy you can use read, getlength...A DELETE statement on the other hand is executed serially as indicated in the note section of the plan.The note also shows the reason which is that the table is non-partitioned.Remember that the effective DOP will be the number of partitions, this behavior is also the same as before.This is because we use the partitions as PX granules in this * from V$PQ_SESSTAT; STATISTIC LAST_QUERY SESSION_TOTAL CON_ID ------------------------------ ---------- ------------- ---------- Queries Parallelized 0 0 0 DML Parallelized 1 1 0 DDL Parallelized 0 0 0 DFO Trees 1 1 0 Server Threads 4 0 0 Allocation Height 4 0 0 Allocation Width 1 0 0 Local Msgs Sent 8 0 0 Distr Msgs Sent 0 0 0 Local Msgs Recv'd 8 0 0 Distr Msgs Recv'd 0 0 0 DOP 4 0 0 Slave Sets 1 0 0 13 rows selected.

Until 12c, running parallel DML on tables with LOB columns required that table to be partitioned.

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I was looking for a query which picks data from a table having Blob column and update a table having LONG RAW column.

It seems Oracle supports only up to 4000 characters.

Is there a way to copy full data from blob to long raw. QA_SOFTWARE_DUMMY select SOFTWARE_ID, UPDATED_BY, CREATE_CHANGE_DATE, FILE_NAME, DBMS_LOB.

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