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Internet dating sites louisville2c ky

An attorney representing The Star disagreed.“All we did was make a request for access to records which we believe to be public under Missouri law,” Jon Haden said. We see nothing improper about either the request or the county’s response.”The Star’s Kevin Hoffmann contributed to this report.

A friend of mine asked me the other night after a martial arts class, "how does a bouncer decide if he's just going to throw someone out of the bar or if he's going to call the police on them?

He talked about investigators failing to find his children and laughed about how much money his case was costing the state.“They’re (police) looking so stupid. In a conversation in November, Porter said that he started lying to police about the children’s whereabouts as soon as he was arrested.

When they first arrested me, they didn’t look for no scars on my hands or arms or face to see if the kids fought back as I struggled to kill them. “The first thing they said was, ‘Where’s your kids at?

“I planned my big jailhouse deal a month before I got arrested,” he said, “so I knew I was gonna go to jail. I want to know how he can sleep with himself at night. Most inmates, Porter noted, are “worried to death” about what’s going to happen to them.“I’m living better in here than I did part of the time growing up. In another call, Porter said that he ruled the roost in what he referred to as “the psycho module.”“The guards call me Al Pacino and the Godfather in here,” he said, “because of the way I run things. I can’t wait to get to prison and get started all over, because it’s gonna be like a new school.”And in another call, Porter noted that the case had been televised on “Inside Edition” and “America’s Most Wanted.” “They call me a movie star around here,” he said. One fight erupted, he said, after an inmate asked about Sam and Lindsey.“I had a new guy yesterday tell me, ‘Where’s your kids? “And I said, ‘Hey, you don’t be talking about me and my kids.’ And I bust my hand on the Plexiglas.”Porter said he ran into the inmate later and told him, “I’ll tell you what.

" I gave him an answer but I wasn't really satisfied with what I told him and so began to give it some thought. 05, 2006‘I can’t wait to get to prison’ AUDIOFather of missing children defiant By JUDY L.THOMASThe Kansas City Star The Independence man whose two children disappeared 20 months ago says he would rather die than reveal to authorities and his ex-wife what he did with them.“Let ’em think that they’re dead,” said Daniel Porter, in a recent telephone call from jail.If we find out that you harmed them or killed them, we can give you the death penalty.’ ”But Porter, who worked at a Kansas City packaging plant before his arrest, said repeatedly that he would not cut any deals with prosecutors. I hold the key to the jail two years from now, five years from now.”In another conversation, Porter said, “Even if they made me a sweet deal saying, ‘OK, bring the kids home and we’ll let you off scot-free, no charges whatsoever, just walk out the door’... In one call, Porter said that he wanted people to believe the children were dead.“That way, they can look for dead bodies in the woods by my house and in Trenton and down where I hunted in Princeton,” he said, referring to places where he grew up in Missouri. “I heard somebody say they think I put them with the Mennonites.”In another call, Porter learned that one of his buddies had taken Independence police to search an area near a creek where they used to hunt.“I ain’t trippin’ on that (stuff),” Porter retorted.“Mike Sanders, the prosecutor, he kept saying, ‘He holds the key to the jail. “They’re gonna put houses in there before too long, and they can find them then, if that’s where they think they are.”He said that taking the children wasn’t a last-minute scheme. He spoke often about his prowess at Monopoly and how he had befriended an inmate who is being held on multiple murder charges. “Being able to sleep extra, take a nap in the middle of the day if I want, play cards.”He said fellow inmates and his defense attorney can’t figure out why he’s so cheerful.“My lawyer sees me happy all the time, and he keeps saying, ‘I think we’re gonna have to plead you insanity,’ ” he said. Ain’t one person here thinks that I killed them.”Porter said, however, that he’d been in a couple of fights and had sought medical treatment after one scuffle.

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Independence police referred questions to the prosecutor.

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