Invalidating the non client area

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You may have been redirected to this page if you followed a link to the Dispatcher documentation that is embedded in the documentation for a previous version of AEM.

Create a secure session for access to the render farm so that users need to log in to access any page in the farm.

If the timeout is reached while parsing response headers, an HTTP Status of 504 (Bad Gateway) is returned.

If the timeout is reached while the response body is read, the Dispatcher will return the incomplete response to the client but delete any cache file that might have been written.

The default is "600000", causing Dispatcher to wait for 10 Minutes.

A setting of "0" eliminates the timeout completely.

This configuration prevents Dispatcher from serving cached documents to users who do not have the necessary rights.Therefore, the ipv4 property is important when the render hostname is associated with mutliple IP addresses and the host, in response to the getaddrinfo function, returns a list of IP addresses that are always in the same order.In this situation, you should use the gethostbyname function so that the IP address that Dispatcher connects with is randomized.When used with Apache, design your filter URL patterns according to the Dispatcher Use Processed URL property of the Dispatcher module.(See Apache Web Server - Configure your Apache Web Server for Dispatcher .) Dispatcher filters should block access to the following pages and scripts on AEM publish instances.

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See the Dispatcher Security Checklist for further considerations when restricting access using Dispatcher.

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