Is joe mauer dating anyone is joshua jackson and katie holmes dating

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Is joe mauer dating anyone

Mauer broke the hearts of millions of Twins fangirls when he got engaged to Maddie in December 2011.

Though it wasn't always unicorns and rainbows for the couple—Mauer famously dated Miss USA 2005 earlier in his career—he decided to settle down with a girl he has known since their days at Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Deron Williams is one of those guys who gets what he wants. He wants All-Stars surrounding him in his new home in Brooklyn, he gets them.

You can check out this video to watch Iginla work out and hang out with his dog in their ridonkulous offseason house. That is doubtlessly what Charlene Valenti is telling her hubby these days.

The formidable New York Yankees were just officially eliminated from playoff contention, but hey—at least that means Vernon Wells has plenty of time for family time this offseason, right? He and Charlene got married in 2001, just a couple of years into his major league career and long after they first met in Arlington, Texas.

While he dwells on the fact that his New York Yankees have officially missed the postseason for just the second time in the last 19 years, at least CC Sabathia has love to comfort him.And all is well on the home front, too: The Dallas native married high school sweetheart Ellen in 2010, and at that point, they had already been together for seven years—which means their love blossomed right around ninth grade. Well, if you're Mario Manningham, you register one of the most famous catches in the history of the NFL, win the Super Bowl, sign a lucrative deal with another team that will soon be headed to the Super Bowl, and then you get engaged to your high school sweetheart. As those of us who, at some point, have stalked Tyler Seguin on Twitter know, the Bruins' Gregory Campbell got married in the summer of 2012 to his high school sweetheart, Katie.The lavish affair took place at the Trump Tower in Toronto, Ontario.Sometime right in the middle of his major league career, he married Jana Mc Kissick.The two tied the knot in 1997, and they still live in Montoursville, Pa., where they first met as kids. It should come as no surprise to anyone that he married his high school girlfriend.

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Not only have they been dating since high school, but they met in second grade.