James franco dating gossip when is it okay to start dating again

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James franco dating gossip

Sources tell Perez that his Slutty girlfriend is just friends with her co-star, who also happens to be gay!!!Yes, Frankly, we were a bit shocked by this revelation too.actor and his girlfriend were spotted donning their helmets and taking a ride at the beach on Wednesday (August 28) in Mykonos, Greece.

(gay)-John Mayer (bisexual)-Elijah Wood (gay)-Spencer Pratt (gay)-Ed Westwick (gay)-Emile Hirsch (bisexual)-Kevin Smith (bisexual)-Justin Timberlake (bisexual)-Robert Downey Jr. If you look closely at the names and a few of the supposed girlfriends they are linked to/dated/or even married, a lot of these guys are using the same 3 or 4 beards. I think the number of gay and bi men in entertainment are off the charts. "The fallacy to your statement, [R10], can be summed up in this question: Why would a closet case, if that's what Franco is, so openly dabble in queer theory and gay imagery if he was gay but trying to hide that fact?

Franco's gf is rumored to be cool with being used, agrees possibly in order to further her "acting" career--currently she's filming the movie "The Help" and likely wants to continue to climb the success ladder.

All who know Franco well, also know his partner, Vince well. I'm told is over the-top-possessive, with jealousy that rivals any girl.

That was clearly the conclusion of the article writer, himself a gay man who broached the "gay question" at length to numerous people who know Franco.

I know that answer doesn't cut it for most of the black and white thinkers who frequent this board, but it's the best you're gonna get. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I've known a couple of men in LA who have dated him. With all due respect to you, R8, and the magazine writer, no straight man loves to be immersed in "queer theory".

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