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We realized that we felt revulsion, guilt and helplessness – a lot of the same feelings alcoholics go through.So I realized that there is an addictive component to over-consumption.Jane Velez Mitchell, a television journalist and author, is currently working for HLN News Channel. Jane Velez-Mitchell started her anchoring career in early 1990 where she co-anchored on a local Los Angeles TV station KCAL-TV.She is also a correspondent for the nationally syndicated show Celebrity Justice. Jane Velez-Mitchell was born on 29th September 1956, in Manhattan, New York, USA. During her early career, she paired with Jerry Dunphy who was also a Los Angeles broadcasting legend.She is now often seen on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and other national cable shows commenting on various high-profile cases.

Honesty is an option, even when you don’t think it is,” she told , which was a psychological analysis of crime and how it relates to ordinary individuals and how we share some of the same toxic secrets that criminals kill over. Well, it actually sort of evolved like most things in life.My boyfriend, at the time, said if you do this again I am breaking up with you.I was very demoralized the next day and realized that this whole thing was ugly.I think the dichotomy of alcoholics is that the happier they act, the more depressed they really are. I was at a friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills, partying.It started out very fun but at a certain point, I blacked out. I was told the next day that I tried to kiss the host and I knocked him down a flight of stairs.

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, doles out heavy doses of honesty, emotions and inspiration.

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