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I’ll have to say that the main benefit of playing otome games instead of watching a shojo anime series is that we get to choose who among the potential love interests the heroine would end up with.It can be frustrating when the heroine in an anime series falls for and ends up happily ever after with the guy we don’t root for!These seven games let you woo lovers at your discretion.

Among the popular games released by them are The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and The Wolf Among Us.If you’re not familiar, dating sims involve playing as a character as he or she tries to navigate the world of relationships.Your choices in action and dialogue could lead to you romancing that special someone.The style of otome games would easily attract girls who swoon over romantic stories.After all, many movies with a romance theme have been pretty successful around the world in spite of the men who roll their eyes over them.

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The friends and significant others you select in that portion affect your options and tactics in battle.