Just started dating does he like me

Posted by / 13-Nov-2020 00:41

Just started dating does he like me

This doesn’t count if he always asks about your best friend or your sister.

He might be seeking you out for a whole other reason.

I thought he liked me but then he started dated someone else then they broke up so now he’s single.

But I saw him in the halls while trying to find all my classes and we locked eyes for like a second and pretended he didnt notice me. Plz help I just need to get my feelings out: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA that’s not even half of it.Ok so I am BFFS with his sister so I’ve been over and I may or may not have asked for a hoodie and ofc he gave me one but asked why so I replied with “im cold and Daylee (Madeup bff name) won’t give me one! We weren’t worried about money because money had no meaning to us. And he be walking my way alot i dont know if its to catch my attention or.. His friend (my crushes friend) told me during one of our classes that he told my crush I like him, and my crush didn’t know who I was. I have a crush on him about 2 years,so im obsessed with him. Sometimes he tries to be cool with me, like he doesn't care for me.. 👋 I found this "Gather useful information and data, get them analyzed and get them exploited by one of the top greyhat hakcers out there. Btw, relish in this feeling bc once you get old the exhilaration of a crush kinda disappears.... Maybe it’s just because of my callousness but idk so say if you talked to your crush once, you told him you were gonna talk tommorow but you didnt they went you tried to talk to him that day he irgnored you, the next day comes up and we have the same lunch so i sit where he always sits and i guess he moved but he'll come over to where i be at alot. I have to see him about 3 months,but I will see him in four days.. 😭❤️❤️❤️💔Sorry for my bad English i'm from Greece 🇬🇷 so....

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