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Kashmiri men dating

Enraged by the killing of in Jammu and Kashmir by using blinding pellet guns and tear gas on demonstrators.Hundreds of people, many of them young, who were struck in the face by pellet ammunition had their eyes perforated and torn asunder.” Palestinian organizers, Syrians opposing the regime of Bashar al-Assad, Filipinos rejecting dictator Rodrigo Duterte, activists for Puerto Rican self-determination and anti-gentrification activists from Harlem were all in attendance. “The Indian government has shown the world what its true intentions are and what they’ve always been.To completely subjugate and suppress a people who have been demanding freedom for over 70 years. We are not going to sit by as India murders, rapes and ethnically cleanses Kashmiris from their land! On August 5, however, the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party-led government (BJP) annulled laws that framed a fragile autonomy for people living on the Indian side.

These developments have shaken Kashmiris everywhere. Resistance has emerged — not only within Kashmir, but throughout the Kashmiri diaspora.According to HRW’s report, torture in Kashmir is “used to coerce detainees to reveal information about suspected militants or to confess to militant activity” and that “it is also used to punish detainees who are believed to support or sympathize with …militants and create a climate of political repression.” HRW also noted that the forms of torture “included severe beatings, electric shock, suspension by the feet or hands, stretching the legs apart, burning with heated objects, sexual molestation and psychological deprivation.” Mass maiming is also a crucial part of the offensive against Kashmiri liberation.Members of the diaspora have been largely responsible for subverting the information blackout, encouraging little leaks where they can.This entails furtive communication with friends or family members taking advantage of sparse Wi-Fi in hospitals and other places.

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