Kate beaton scott campbell dating

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Kate beaton scott campbell dating

In any genre of art whether it is painting or sculpting there is always a select group of artists that attract more attention than others due to the quality or uniqueness of their work.

However, just like anybody else, his story starts somewhere and although it is not the rags to riches cliché that most celebrities like to put forward it is still interesting.

Initially, Scott wanted to become a biochemist and had even started college but at some point, he realized that it was not the thing for him, and so he dropped out of school and moved to San Francisco to try something new.

At this time, he was in his 20’s, and he started off by working at as a copy editor in his new town, and it is from there that he discovered he had a passion for tattooing.

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, or you simply like to keep up with the trends, then the chances are that you have heard of him.

He has been in the game for only a decade but he is now one of the most recognizable artists, and he has achieved almost anything that one would ever wish for in this sector.

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A brief look at his career and some of his work should show why he is so famous.