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TMZ now has Sacha’s autopsy results that reveal his blood alcohol level was around .21, nearly three times the legal limit.The medical examiner also noted that Sacha suffered a severe head wound, and that his brain was severed from his spinal cord.We took a deep dive into Kid Rock's use of the flag, his relationship with the black community, and the debate whether or not Little Caesars Arena should drop the singer in wake of the Charlottesville tragedy — which he has yet to condemn.1980s-1990s: Before he was known as Kid Rock, Bob Ritchie is known for leaving his parents home in Romeo, Mich., and learning how to DJ and perform at parties in urban areas like Mount Clemens and parts of Detroit.Kid Rock and his girlfriend discovered the crash scene the next morning.The singer made a desperate phone call to 911, but it was too late.The album is true Southern rock, invoking the sounds of other Confederate flag-waving artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Williams Jr.

So it is, as history has taught us, that it takes whites to popularize black music." 2007: Kid Rock releases his seventh studio album, Rock n Roll Jesus.

Michael Sacha, Kid Rock’s personal assistant, was found dead on the star’s property last month. Around midnight, the 30-year-old reportedly gave guests a ride from the cookout to the driveway so they could catch an Uber.

The accident occurred on his way back to the house.

But Detroit political consultant Sam Riddle pointed out an apparent hypocrisy within the organization in that it is allowing one-time Confederate flag-waver Kid Rock to perform a six-day stint at the team's new, publicly funded Little Caesars Arena in September.

Riddle and others questioned why Olympia Entertainment is allowing a singer who was once proud to wave a Confederate flag onstage to be the first performer at the arena in a city that is more than 80 percent black.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ritchie describes being the only white guy at parties and how different he was for dating and having a child with a black woman.

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