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According to tradition Krishna belonged to the Yadava - a pastoral race - and the god’s birth is picturesquely described in the .

One day Vishnu, the great Hindu god pulled two hairs from his own head, one white and one black.

Queen Rukmini, an earthly form of the goddess Lakshmi, is considered Krishna’s second most favoured wife after Radha.

Krishna was involved in many escapades in his adventurous youth.

Thus the story of Krishna contains a double concealment - Krishna is both a god disguised as a mortal and a prince disguised as a commoner.

Accordingly, the myths contain many metaphors of disguise, such as a spark within a pile of ashes or a mighty sword in its scabbard, and these hint at Krishna's dual purpose as the punisher of human deeds but also as a bringer of enlightenment.

Against mere mortals Krishna also wreaked havoc amongst the Gandharas, Bhojas, and Kalingas, amongst others.

Krishna acted as the warrior-prince Arjuna’s charioteer in the Great War, the Battle of Kurukshetra, between the Pandavas (whom Krishna supported) and the Kauravas.

The most ancient tales of Krishna involve his adventures with the Pandava princes whilst later, stories accumulated over the centuries which describe his eventful youth, when Krishna used his proficient weapons skills to good effect to defeat a host of fearsome enemies, demons and monsters.

Seven days after Krishna was accidentally killed by a hunter’s arrow striking his heel, Dvaraka was submerged beneath the ocean.

Krishna had also stolen the sacred Parijata tree from Indra, defeating the god in the process.

Fortunately, Vasudeva took the precaution of hiding Krishna in the remote village of Vrindavana where the boy was brought up as a simple cowherd (in this guise he can be referred to as Govinda).

There he spent an idyllic childhood and stirred the hearts of many gopis or herd-women with his dark good looks, playful charm, and mastery of music and dance.

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