La mayor dating ktla lou parker Devot chatroulette

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La mayor dating ktla lou parker

So I said to Rob, you don’t have a problem with that? Mayoral Election in 2009 and my hopes of Antonio Villaraigosa becoming Governor of California were shattered.

He said, “I’ll tell you what I DO have a problem with…(un-audible) incense.” I let Rob know that if anything, now it is an issue of a guy on a ladder throwing knives into the crowd on the beach grass. You see, Villaraigosa wants to win the mayoral election in ’09; sit in his office for a year; then run for Governor in ’10 (after only serving a year of his term).


If not…I’ll blog hard to put out the REAL info that may cause him to have to step down before the next election.

(Price Is Right Stinger): Whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp…(deflated) Whooooooooomp. I WOULD LIKE TO DISCUSS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY AT VENICE AND SEE IF THERE IS A WAY ROB (FROM PARKS AND REC) AND LAPD COULD HAVE JUST LET ZD PERFORM SO I CAN SPEND MORE TIME AT VENICE BEACH ON SATURDAY AND LESS TIME BLOGGING: Hey, in case you didn’t know, in this down economy, there are real values at Venice Beach.

Anything people have for sale only requires a donation.

(And he rubbed my hand over the nasty scar tissue that freaked ZD out.) And the crowd cheered.

They’ll try and get more money out of you, but they’ll understand.

(The juggler, not Zuma Dogg wearing his “Zuma Dogg For Mayor” shirt.) Meanwhile, now about twenty-five to thirty people are watching Zuma Dogg take on LAPD on an on the spot first amendment discussion that ended up with Zuma Dogg singing and marching all up in front of the juggler while I delivered a speech on first amendment and what the City was trying to pull.

And someone stepped out of the crowd to shake my hand in support who said he had just returned from Iraq and was stabbed three times.

And if they say, “No”, just get any LAPD and you’ll end up with the stuff you want…all for a dollar!

Make sure to check out Mike “Shea Butter Man” Hunt’s display near the Sidewalk Cafe!

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If this quote is correct, notice Villaraigosa says, “I don’t think it’s GOING TO have any impact whatsoever.” Responding to a reporter’s question during a news conference Tuesday in the state Capitol, Villaraigosa said: “I don’t think it’s going to have any impact whatsoever.” [Tony, you already are making a problem by lying. When you say, “whatsoever” that is buzzword for, “full of shit spinning politician.”] The Democratic mayor recently was linked to former Miss USA Lu Parker, a KTLA-TV reporter in Los Angeles.

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