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It delivers a versatile design, solid construction, and simple operation, all at a price tag you can afford.

Weight Limit: The ladder is tested up to 1,000 pounds, meaning it can hold 3-5 people (depending on size/weight) at once.

You never know how much you really need a ladder until you find yourself without one.

The good news is: Below, we've compiled a list of the best ladders on the market, with an option for every possible task or use around your home.

The hinges automatically lock in place as the ladder is extended, making it easy to snap it from one configuration to the next.

When fully extended, the ladder reaches a height of 12.5 feet, but it folds down to just 3.33 feet in height.

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Design: The ladder comes with three hinges, which allow you to adapt it to a step-ladder, scaffold platform, bridge, A-frame, extension ladder, and more.