Leonardo dicaprio and anna jagodzinska dating

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Leonardo dicaprio and anna jagodzinska dating

Sure, he cleans up rather nicely on the red carpet in a classic tuxedo, but in his downtime Di Caprio is notoriously "anti-fashion." His closet mainstays seem to be baggy cargo shorts, loose t-shirts, plaid button-ups, Kangols and backward baseball caps, Birkenstocks and utilitarian sneakers. Indeed, the Oscar winner was caught walking around New York City's East Village on Saturday with what dubbed a "homemade fanny pack." It was quite literally a plastic purple shopping bag looped around a belt that was also holding up his navy blue cargo shorts.

One would not expect this to be a look at the cutting edge of fashion, and, yet, as it turns out, it actually is.

I believe that Blake Lively’s publicist is having a great time right now.

His client is boning Leonardo Di Caprio, Leo’s ex-girlfriend is keeping her mouth shut about the overlap between she and Blake, and all of a sudden, Blake is a major tabloid quantity.

An extremely zeitgeist-y piece of pseudo-news making the rounds on the Internet right now: former child Harry Potter star Emma Watson to show "just how much she's gown up" as protagonist Anastasia Steele in the upcoming film based on Twilight-inspired BDSM-lite "mommy porn" novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, as confirmed in studio documents leaked by notorious […]Read more Mere Seventeen mag brand ambassador no more, Harper's Bazaar will likely soon legitimize Kendall Jenner's modeling career with a cover, according to the 17-year-old's Instagram. We couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of celeb spotting the fashionable Mrs. It’s been reported that after years of […]Read more Ever since The New York Times ran that long article a couple weeks ago, reporting on how difficult it was for The Canyons production team (specifically director Paul Schrader) to wrangle lead actress Lindsay Lohan into showing up on set and playing a character in front of a rolling camera (if you haven't read it yet, enjoy!

A couple days ago, she posted the photo above with the accompanying caption: at an amazing photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar ….

No—the star-crossed lovers of our time, our Romeo and Juliet, are Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio, who are not, in fact, in a relationship, nor has a relationship between them ever been confirmed.

But one woman, writer Hunter Harris, is willing the universe to manifest this fantasy into reality, one tweet at a time.

Or maybe her dad just gave her the same advice mine gave me. After what feels like a million years, the Beckhams have finally decided to return to their roots and reside in the UK once more.Camila Morrone sexy pictures from the Casamigos Hallowing Party in Beverly Hills, 10/26/2018.Indeed, just days before Di Caprio was sporting the look, Patrik Ervell, one of New York's most acclaimed young menswear designers, sent similar belt loop bags down the runway during New York Fashion Week: Men's.Ervell's were just as brightly colored as the actor's, but his designer version were made out of nylon (a theme in his Spring/Summer 2018 collection).

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