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Luminescence dating laboratory

As the OSL of a sediment is quickly lost when exposed to sunlight (tens of seconds) many sediments are bleached (lack an OSL signal) when deposited and buried.After deposition these sediments accumulate luminescence which can be measured allowing the age of burial to be determined.The lab has produced more than 300 OSL ages (from 140 years to 120,000 years) for aeolian, fluvial, lacustrine, and marine sediments, as well as pottery, artifacts and secondary carbonate.Chronologies have been developed for archaeological sites in Botswana and the U. The laboratory has mainly RISØ equipment and OSL ages are obtained using the reliable single-aliquot, regenerative-dose (SAR) protocol.From there, they can recombine with holes at the luminescence centers (L), resulting in the emission of a photon of light – the luminescence signal that is observed in the laboratory.

It is applicable to sedimentary deposits ranging from a few hundreds of years old to several hundred thousand years old.The Laboratory has a close cooperation with the Radiation Research Department at Risø, and together the two groups make the Nordic Center for Luminescence Research.The centre, among other things, provides a state-of-the-art luminescence dating service to geologists and archaeologists.The Aberystwyth Luminescence Research Laboratory was also responsible for publishing Ancient TL (a journal dedicated to disseminating knowledge about luminescence and electron spin resonance dating) for the period from 2004-2014.The archive of issues of this journal is available online through ALRL.

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