Mahahalagang pangyayari sa pagdating ni magellan

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Mahahalagang pangyayari sa pagdating ni magellan

When the first part was posted, most of the comments from the readers are they excited in the next chapter.The most exhilarating part of Gemma’s life is when her second short story about life, love, betrayal and death became viral.One cause for this was the political conflict between Mangudadatu and Ampatuan.Politics was the main of extra-judicial killings in the Philippines.How would be free from the chains of lies without hearing the truth?Stop killing journalists because they are the key to real liberated country.

I have four kids and my husband only works in the field. Saturdays and Sundays are just the remaining time for my family to go elsewhere, and bind together in our small Pentecostal church.” Gemma humbly replies.So, we can usually conclude that politics is the root of all evil or maybe politics plus money will equal to dirty tactics. Simply because without money and power liberated you can’t do what you want, this is because of us being under the democratic government.Without politics, all of the people are in the state of war. Sometimes in real life, when we do sins, we are afraid to punish ourselves, so the witness or the person who will see you as give money, so that the witness would not revealed the truth.“Why did you not pursue your Master degree and after that you can apply for promotion?” Maricel says, her closest friend and co-teacher who just promoted for Master Teacher I in Senior High School, a month ago, who is definitely rendered shorter service in the Dep Ed.

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Philippines is in a democratic form of government that influenced by the American colonials, which colonized us from 1898-1946.

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