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I was guided around Bamako and Segou by an excellent local who can fix tours all over the country ,his prices were great and i highly recommend him . But for a fun time and an authentic Malian experience bring your haggling skills an dive in. The pagne and bazins here are the best and cheapest in East Africa. Was looking forward to seeing the culture in mali but when visiting the market as my skin color was diffrent from the majority i was overloaded with men,women and kids begging me for money, i understand the poverty there but this was extreme and very...His name is Dolo, speaks perfect English and French and is very receptive on whats app. Well worth a look Usual African stuff but also the dead animal parts for witchery and medicine!A number of sources state that the final version of the code, adopted in 2011, set back women's rights, particularly the provisions indicating the legal age for marriage as 16 for girls, that men are considered the head of the family and that a woman must obey her husband (The Guardian ; FIDH 23 Jan. According to local human rights organizations, judicial officials frequently accepted false birth certificates or other documents claiming that girls under age 15 were old enough to marry. "Ligne verte pour les femmes victimes des violences : 506 cas jugés importants, traités de mars à décembre 2014." [Accessed 20 June 2016] United Nations (UN). Liste de points et de questions concernant les sixième et septième rapports périodiques (présentés en un seul document) du Mali. (ibid.) Moreover, the Malian non-governmental human rights group states that in the case of religious marriages, which are also permitted in the code of persons and the family, [translation] "the imans are not concerned about consent between the couple" (AJM et al. Corroborating information could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. State Protection In its report on gender and the security sector in Mali, the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), an international foundation "whose mission is to assist the international community in pursuing good governance and reform of the security sector" and comprises 63 member states (DCAF n.d.), states that help to victims of domestic violence and sexual harassment remains [DCAF English version] "very limited" from the Malian police, in the absence of an internal structure for handling gender issues (DCAF 2015, 39). "Mali : accès des femmes à la justice et lutte contre les mariages forcés : Le PACINDHA monte au créneau avec un projet de 24 mois." [Accessed 21 June 2016] _____. Media report that in March 2014, the Malian police, in partnership with UN Women, launched a hotline for reporting cases of violence against women, including cases of forced marriage (L'Indicateur du renouveau 31 Mar. According to sources, through this number, 506 cases were reported to the police between March and December 2014 (ibid.; UN 30 Nov. According to Le Tjikan, a Malian newspaper in Bamako, among those cases, 130 were related to forced marriage (Le Tjikan ). "Malian Women Raped, Stoned, Lashed and Forced to Marry amid Intense Fighting." [Accessed 10 June 2016] Le Tjikan. According to the UN Women website, the hotline is accessible 24 hours a day, across the country (UN 30 Nov. However, the DCAF centre points out that [DCAF English version] "[a]n awareness-raising campaign was recently launched as it seems the population is not widely aware of how to use the toll-free hotline number" (DCAF 2015, 38). Loi n°2011 - 087 du 30 décembre 2011 portant code des personnes et de la famille. "Mali : éliminations des mariages précoces de jeunes filles : Le Pacindha engage le combat." [Accessed 21 June 2016] Thomas Reuters Foundation.

This authorization is then attached to the marriage certificate. Mission multidimensionnelle intégrée des Nations Unies pour la stabilisation au Mali (MINUSMA). "Mali." Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015. Correspondence sent to the Research Directorate by the President. Documents earlier than 2003 may be found only on Refworld.

The consent is not valid if it was obtained through violence or made in error by the person.

Each party must give their consent orally and in person before the civil registrar.

Prevalence of Forced Marriage According to a comparative study on the practice of early marriage in 10 countries of West Africa, conducted in 2013 by Judith-Ann Walker, the Director of the Development Research and Projects Centre, d RPC) [1], Mali is among the countries with [Walker English version] "the highest prevalence of early marriage worldwide" (Walker Sept. The Amnesty International (AI) Mali section notes that early and forced marriage [translation] "remains a common practice in Mali, particularly in rural areas" (AI 8 Mar. In correspondence sent to the Research Directorate, the President of the Malian office of Women in Law and Development in Africa (Wi LDAF), a pan-African non-governmental network for women's and activists' rights, represented in nine countries of West Africa (Wi LDAF Jan.

2013), also stated that forced marriage is [translation] "prevalent" in rural areas and occurs "sometimes" in urban areas (Wi LDAF 15 June 2016).

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This decreases with a woman's level of education (from 16 percent to 6 percent for marriage before age 15 and from 67 percent to 22 percent for marriage before age 18) and with the level of economic wellbeing (from 69 percent to 42 percent for marriage before age 18). Sources state that during the conflict, women and girls were forced into marriage by armed groups in areas that were under their occupation in northern Mali (ibid. This authorization may only be issued to future spouses at least fifteen years old.

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