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She certainly has access to some fantastic studio gear, and I like her songs.

In fact, I’d go to one of her shows if she played in Queens.

Sera generally plays as a duo or three-piece, and her bandmate plays the steel guitar. It’s like an upbeat folk music, and she sings very well.

I’d encourage people into that kind of jam to check out her website here.

Of course, Megan Rapinoe’s girlfriend Sera Cahoone goes to as many of her games as she can.

Rapinoe was the part of the US team that won the gold at London Olympics 2012 and FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015. As of 2019, Megan Rapinoe has an estimated net worth around million.They announced their engagement in August 2015 and the wedding was held on January 2017.Nevertheless, the two called off their engagement later.The couple reside in Seattle since Megan plays for the Seattle Reign. I once knew a guy who dated four girls named Sarah within a two year span – I’m pretty sure the name had something to do with his choices.There seems to be a theme that Megan Rapinoe follows with her girlfriends. Anyway, Megan Rapinoe’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Walsh was a striker for Westfield Matildas and team Australia.

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The two have a scruffy dog named Chichi who they both take care of.

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