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Mental ill dating

One third of the single people said it’s no longer taboo, while for those in relationships, half (50%) said mental health problems are present in their relationship but 48% believe it has a positive influence. My partner being critical about an element of my personality – 16% 5. My partner not contacting me back when I was expecting a response – 13% 7. Interacting with my partner’s friends – 8% ‘What’s massively encouraging from this research is that so many people – whether they’re dating or in a relationship – are benefitting from starting a conversation about their mental health,’ said psychotherapist Lucy Beresford.

A partner having previously cut off communication with me – 12% 8. ‘Intimate relationships can provide the support people need to improve their wellbeing, and can allow us to experience tolerance, understanding and being loved for who we are.

We asked psychotherapist Imi Lo from Eggshell Therapy how young women dealing with mental health issues can make romantic relationships work for them.

' If you're dating someone and you do struggle with these emotional whirlwinds, it's important to take good care of yourself, rather than constantly leaning on the other person.

‘We applaud both and couples for admitting they sometimes battle mental health issues,’ said Rachael Lloyd, relationship expert at eharmony.

‘The reality is most of us will have an experience of depression or anxiety in our lifetimes and, hopefully, gone are the days of having to pretend it’s not happening.

" I've always thought I'm not really good enough, which got me quite anxious and depressed – so whenever someone did approach me I'd often reject them, not because of them but because of me,' she says.

Out of 4,000 participants, just under half (43%) of singles with mental health problems said it makes it harder for them to find a relationship.

It's ok to gain emotional support and understanding, but if you lean on them to rescue you from how you feel, that's going to make the relationship tough,' she says.

' If you have a really harsh internal critic making you believe there's something fundamentally wrong with you, waiting for texts may feel like an abandonment – but that may not have much to do with what's actually happening.

The survey, which was conducted by eharmony together with psychotherapist Lucy Beresford, further revealed that being ghosted (20%) and not receiving a reply from a new lover (18%) is a trigger for many single people.

Receiving critique for their appearance and having their mental health problems misunderstood was also a sensitive issue for 16%, respectively.

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' Probably half of me was thinking there might be something here, but then my anxiety would kick in and I'd think no, it can't be.

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