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Mint not updating us bank

I’ve previously written about the benefits of, the online tracking tool to organize your finances.

While I consider it the best tool available to help people manage their finances online, some of my clients have raised some issues that I would like to address.

Mint's navigation is broken down by overview, transactions, bills, budgets, goals, trends (reports), investments, and ways to save.

From the overview page, you can view balances and the most recent transactions for all accounts, upcoming bills, activity alerts, financial reminders, budget spending details, financial goals, and more.

The Ways to Save section shows deals from financial companies—credit card offers, introductions to brokerages, checking accounts, mortgages, and insurance policies—so you can visit this section to find offers specific to your financial needs.

The Bills feature allows you to track all of your bills in the Mint app instead of logging in to multiple sites.

A budget in Mint is not one plan that includes all budget items.

Instead, each category is considered its own budget, and you can budget for as many categories as you need.

Mint is working with many providers to make sure all the information syncs, but any time one company changes its authentication, associated accounts can temporarily break.I have found that the Mint support team is very responsive and has gotten much quicker about responding to accounts that won’t sync. If an account will not work with Mint, then let your voice be heard.Mint uses the same level of encryption used by banks and financial institutions.The features mentioned here were available as of September 2018. financial institution to track your bank and credit card accounts, loans, and investments.To get started with Mint, you must sign up and connect your financial accounts to your Mint account. You can also use it to track and set reminders for bills and track your credit score.

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Splitting a transaction among categories is easy as well.