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My early 20s is something I really wanted to experience, and being the oldest desperate guy in the club or just being older than 28 and in such a club is just woeful. this is why I believe I have in fact missed the boat..

Too many things stacked against me, not enough experience and all I have going is fading looks because I look old although not unattractive..

Unfortunately, once you become that guy, you aren't going to really be interested in women who are 19-24 anymore.

Are you sure you really want those young girls because of what you missed?

So no I didn't experience it, it was like having to watch a great party inside a house around a warm fire while standing on the outside behind caged bars in the pouring cold rain despite having an invite to that party, so no spending all my time in therapy, psych wards and bed ridden was NOT experiencing my 20s.good luck to you... If you keep chasing the past, you will never have a future.

However, you do have an opportunity to train yourself into the man you want to be.

Dude there is no boat to miss, get your life together first (Well at least somewhat, I never have my life totaly together but I have still worked it out sort of). The harder you try and the more desparate you are the less chances you have. The issue is with me, as I missed out on all the early social skills you are meant to pick up, is it's not easy for me just to go to a bar/club I can access on my own (being in your early 20s doesn't mean you have to be rolling in it so I can fit in those clubs), Well because at one point in my life this was normal, and I don't exactly warm to the idea of trying to pick up women on the street.

You did experience your early 20s, it just wasn't what you hoped for. Time to accept that and move forward, lest you waste all of your 30s too. You did experience your early 20s, it just wasn't what you hoped for. Time to accept that and move forward, lest you waste all of your 30s too. No it was exactly what I hoped for in terms of opportunities, friends, social circles and women literally throwing themselves at me, the only problem was I just had a debilitating mental illness that meant I had to take 30 minute breaks or feel like **** all the time meaning I couldn't relax and be myself. My bf who is 50 still wants those younger girls in their early 20's. My ex-husband, who is 10 years older than me, told me he only dated women who were alot younger than him because as he put it, "By the time a woman reaches 30 her face changes and she looks old." (I have known him since I was 16, he was 26..got married when I was 25, so I certainly wasn't looking forward to turning 30 having heard that.) I've been with some real winners.

So the thing about young women only occurred to me when I hit 30 and then basically I panicked realised what I'd missed and ended up writing here.. If I was ugly or whatever I wouldn't be on here I'd have accepted it, but to have had so much attention and suffered so much, just so depressing.

and if you cared to read I bashed patriarchy lightly also...

This is where you are wrong, women who are experienced tend to not be as cruel as young girls are....that's a maturity thing that people grow out of in their 20's.

I think you need to meet an older female, who can take you under her wing, and teach you things.

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besides I don't believe that you lack social skills. The problem is, 30 year old professional women aren't going to be hanging out at the sort of bars I can access because I'm fresh out of 'prison' so to speak no career and no money, so for those women I have nothing to offer and am completely off putting.