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Alternatively, placing the bracelet/watch onto the charger will turn it on if there is sufficient charge. If it's on and is connected to the phone it will blink green.See the Start instructions in the Quick Start Guide. Gently press and hold the button on the back of the bracelet/watch with a pin/pencil until vibration is felt, then lift off the button immediately. Expect an average battery life of 7 days depending on individual usage. In most cases, reset is not needed and the following suggestions will resolve most issues with the bracelet/watch’s module: i OS: Go to your App store, write “Fossil Q” in the search command, select the Fossil Q app and tap “Get”. Android: Go to your App store, write “Fossil Q” in the search command, select the Fossil Q app and tap “Install”. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook account or Google account. Q Activity is a section of the Fossil Q app that shows you the steps tracked by your wearable device.

If the charger’s light is off, the charger does not detect the bracelet/watch.

Try the following suggestions: The bracelet/watch was off and just turned on. A white LED light flashes only if the bracelet/watch was off before placing on the charger and then powered on when placed on the charger.

Or the device was so completely dead that it didn't even have enough power yet to turn on and light up.

Well, these are the phones that should be getting the Android Q update: It’s pretty obvious that Google’s Pixel line up of smartphones will definitely be getting the Android Q update, and yes, that includes the original Pixel and Pixel XL, at least if the beta builds are anything to go by.

The upcoming One Plus 7 will also obviously be getting the Android Q update.

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To do so, select which device you have on the app and place your device on the charger to make it discoverable by Bluetooth.