Ms project complete not updating

Posted by / 12-Jan-2020 17:29

Indicating the percentage of a task that is complete helps you track actual progress.By specifying a percentage of completion between 0 (for a task that has not started) and 100 (for a task that is finished), you can compare planned progress to actual progress.Additionally, I'm not clear on how the percent complete can exceed today's date.If I update the percent complete on all subtasks completed to date, the summary task shows complete through 9/9/08 (91%) which is obviously not accurate since I have a little over 2 months left of tasking.Summary tasks are subtotals and subtitles to help organize work.They should never have resources assigned nor should they be tracked.And also I want to show progress line based on physical percent it possible.

In the area of best practices of using MS Project, tracking summary tasks is not recommended.So I'm not clear on how the summary task bar calculates the overall percent complete for the project.As a note, I have only provided percent complete for roughly the first 70 lines of a 230 line schedule. If, as is typical in some projects, your workload is front-loaded, then you might well be 71% complete at the midpoint of the total project duration.All the subtasks have durations that end before or up to 5/20 and my project has a completion date of 9/26.Once I set the subtasks to 100% (for the most part), the overall summary task bar is now showing 71% complete through 7/25.

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Now, go and assign the resources to the tasks, which will popluate the Work field.