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Research has repeatedly shown that making personal disclosures signals investment in a relationship.In other words, sharing intimate details shows you’re emotionally in it for the long haul, encouraging her to move forward physically.The key: Initiate the talk outside the bedroom—79 percent of “unsatisfying” sexual conversations occurred between the sheets, the study reports.Related: Why Women Love Bad Boys—and How to Be One She’s Caught Up in the Heat of the Moment Your move: Even if she rolls over, it’s not too late to heat things up.Bonus: Women feel more sexually attractive the morning after cuddling, the study found. She Realizes She’s in Love with You Your move: A big business deal going down in Tokyo? Turns out, the old adage is true: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

“You may give a compliment, but she can turn it around and hear a negative,” he says.

It’s less the destination, and more the shared intimacy of “otherness”—or of being outsiders—that sets the mood, according to a 2005 study in the journal Tourism Management.

Book a trip for two to a foreign country, and prearrange a tour guided by a local, which creates a greater sense of intimacy and disclosure, the scientists say.

“If she’s self-conscious about her butt, and you say, ‘You have a great, round butt,’ she hears fat, not great.” When it comes to her sensitive spots, stick to universal compliments like, “Your butt looks great in those jeans.” Related: Get These Sexy Gifts for the Nice Girl on Your List She’s in a Romantic Setting Your move: You know the old cliché: Whisk her away to an exotic location, and you’re sure to score.

That’s probably true, but not for the reasons you may think.

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A recent study in found that women were 25 percent more likely to consider a man attractive if he had a good sense of humor, and were 31 percent more likely to consider him a suitable mate.

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