Net designer file not updating

Posted by / 17-May-2020 13:18

Net designer file not updating

The debugger never was hit and when the Contract dynamic file open to show the error, the "debugger" line was still commented out.

At which point I realized that Visual Studio was running a cached version of my application.

hi lasantha, According to your description, i would suggest you try the ways below to solve the issue about 'DBML not updating'.

#1 the best simple way: you can create a new dbml file and drag the related tables and it generates the code.

You can download it from and get a trial license if you want to take it for a test spin.Now when this used to happen in IIS on the server, we used to bounce IIS to clear its cache.However, when I stop debugging in VS, when I am using IIS Express, then as I understood it IIS Express stops when debugging stops. Make sure the browser window is selected and press ctrl-F5.Re-reading some of the original comments to see if I'm forgetting anything you mentioned a debugging session on the original report, but it's not in the steps to reproduce.Is that something you found wasn't required to exhibit the issue?

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When I ran it in debug VS stopped at that line in the Contract dynamic file and reported the function it was calling as being undefined. And the dynamic file still did not show those two functions.