Network connection stuck on validating identity excecutive dating

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My card is a Dell Wireless 1490 Dual Band WLAN Mini-Card. type, or copy / paste the following one at a time, pressing Enter after each line : ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewnetsh winsock reset See if this clears your cache - Next download TFC Cleaner to your desktop Hi, and thank you.I had already tried the first half of your solution, but I went and did it again just to be sure.If I right click and hit Repair it then gets stuck forever on "Renewing IP Address". It's giving me blanks and's where there should be an IP address.Yes, it is set to automatically detect same and no, the problem is not with the router/modem; my husband's laptop is sitting right next to it and connecting just fine.First, click on the wireless icon in your taskbar and under Related Tasks, choose Change advanced settings.

Something to do with Net Bt, although I already tried restoring the appropriate registry keys and got nothing.I also tried the pinging thing and got four nice healthy pings, so apparently the card is physically fine...?Anyway, as you have probably by now surmised, I have been googling this thing for a very long time now and fruitlessly attempting the various fixes found on various geek sites.Recently I ran into a problem with an existing Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 at a client site.The error occurred intermittently and after a number of retries, client could establish connection normally making the issue not always reproducible.

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