Newspaper dating acronyms

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When I tested that idea, people loved it.” Now Net Lingo users can choose to get a naughty or nice list of online slang.

The Scoop: If your crush texts you slang terms you don’t understand, your romance can quickly become lost in translation.

This moderation process has allowed her to keep pace with netspeak, 1337 speak, and online jargon. “Texting Terms” is a nice list of every acronym and abbreviation posted on Net Lingo.

“NSFW” is a naughty list of all the sexy terms she’s collected in the last 20 years.

Fortunately, Net Lingo Founder Erin Jansen has spent over 20 years creating resources to help people keep up with common slang and netiquette, so they never miss a beat in online convos.

In the last year, she has written two books that detail the texting and romantic slang today’s daters need to know to get their flirt on.

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Online daters get to learn a new way of creatively expressing sweet nothings to their love interests.” The Net Lingo database has grown tremendously thanks to user submissions.

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