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Nonmember sex dating

He didn’t drink, didn’t smoke and seemed to believe most of what I believe.

We dated, married and several years later, he was baptized. Unfortunately, after about eight years, he decided not to continue going to church.

When marriage is not imminent, a rule that “only LDS people are worthy to date” breeds exclusion and may overlook the potential date’s quality of character.

For example, I knew a sweet Christian boy who wanted to be a minister someday and an LDS boy who did drugs and purportedly tried to reach up girls’ shirts. If LDS status was a deeply important issue to my parents, I may have missed the mark.

I will always be grateful for a seminary teacher’s father and the young woman who took his advice, proved it good, and passed it on. I’m glad your son had the courage to try it, and I’m glad it worked so well for him.

She says she learnt from her nonmember versus member dating experiences what it was she really wanted in a husband.

She was surprised and pleased that they really did not.

Like most things, this won’t work for everyone, but I think it is a good place to start.

It seems as though we have our first hot topic of 2012 – the issue of whether to date people who are not members of the Church.

So many members have written in with their personal experiences that we have all the responses we need, so don’t send any more letters on the subject!

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I grew up in Nevada, and there were quite a few LDS youth in my area.