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Yelp is another place where you can search for reviews, but you have to be aware of your search parameters.Unlike Trip Advisor, you can't just search worldwide; if you're looking for "nudist resorts" but neglect to enter a city, it may automatically give you results near your current location.There are all kinds of stories on the internet from writers who visited a nudist resort/beach/etc. Interestingly enough, most of these are by women - who almost universally enjoyed their experiences, and considered said experiences real eye-openers.A first-time visit to Cypress Cove by blogger Outdoorsy Diva gives an unvarnished look at shedding inhibitions and diving right in among a group of mostly seniors.You can also enter terms such as "senior nudist resort" and search by place, or leave the destination as "worldwide" to get pages of results.Review Resorts "provides traveler generated, user generated, travel agent generated and hotel management generated resort reviews." Here you can find what they designate as "clothing optional" facilities - and should there be any doubt as to their target audience, the photo used in the banner is a smiling senior couple.Download a PDF of magazine to get current information about naturism all over the planet, or subscribe to receive it via email and remain updated about what's happening in the wide world of nudism.Along with getting information and perspective from a handful of naturist bloggers, an excellent way to glean what works best for seniors is… There are several options for honest reviews, feedback, and even a journalist's first look at a resort made up mostly of seniors.

To that end, there are many resources to help seniors explore nudism in a safe, comfortable environment.

Their mission statement is "to promote body acceptance through clothing-optional recreation using the tools of education and community outreach." This includes acceptance of self, of others, and of different body types.

Membership includes a subscription to ) magazine, which provides an inside look at everyday people living the naturist life.

Then I saw a picture and read the profile and I knew this might be the one. I’m going to surprise her with a promise ring in a few days.

Many seniors have embraced the nudist (or naturist) lifestyle for various reasons.

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