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Oinlle xxxx sex com

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Batteries not included " • - FUJICA COMPACT 35 (238) A compact,full Frame 35mm camera that features: auto, expo¬ sure control; manual over-ride tor flash; zone focussing, sharp F2 8 38mm l Ons.^With pouch case & wrist strap. 24.83 7x35 BINOCULARS (241) Same high quality as the above' model but more compact SALE Each 21.88 ■-Woodward s Cameras SALE PRICE I VANCOUVEft 684-&231: NEW WESTIdl NSTER 621-96)1, OAKRIDGE 261-3311 PARKROYAL 922-6111; GUILDFORD 568-2III, PORT ALBEfl NI 723-6641. ailer they liad lx en M*r\od with copies of the iiouii *i"n i-cii.iinng an end to Uic .tiiegcd stniv. TWO SECLUDED l-ACRE PAR- irffh Ire ‘ to Enoli Falls campsite. Ail cbequra to be madr payable' to the Minister of Klneact. '.'Oiler to Laeae Laut 4D0 Blwk .l Uy* Uie uadcrm Aeii James 11 Wb Jir.

b(jf theyaleinf' could not re¬ solve the basic issue of obe¬ dience to authority. Wallace scored the greatest triumph ot tils White Huuee campaign as he lay pariially paralysed, .gunned duwn'ih an assasshiution attempt. _^ At a epe.-i Aj J.,ai Jysn.itli‘ hiwn coiu Kh i Tieering. Wuudward t Appliances 7x5$ BINOCULARS ' (240) Quality built with coated lenses, smart carrying case and SANKYO CM 400 SUPER 8 CAMERA I23«l Extraordinary sha Fp Sankyo 4x zoom' lens FI 8, 8..^35mm, through the lens exposure control: manual over-ride Push button au¬ tomatic zooming and easy to see reflex viewfinder. With Sankyo carrying case, 126 INSTANT LOAD CAMERA OUTFIT (237) Takes color, black & )vhite pictures or color slides, also' uses batteryless imagicubes) and kit is complete with color cartridge, film magicube and wrist strap VIVITAR MODEL 91 ELECTRONIC FLASH UNIT 1239) 200 flashes per set of alka¬ line batteries, fast 4 second recy¬ cle time Guide numbers: Koda- chrome 11 (ASA 26 30 Kodacolor- X (ASA 80) -55 High Speed Ekta- chrome (ASA 160)-75. nahi'- an O cue vital to -rci* Ih'iii'-I'- )in .u;y Uhite H''eicclion. in ihc Mary- iumi 'onioi hi )ii:r kiii in Mc'iii '(ri i ,y I'li Awn iicilerbach Ii uiiudai t.. mund.' in connection .;.jii,a.s j ,1 a pricing Zelirrtiaif) b( .»an f*M nipt prc K-cc lings when tlw H (ailers. Iluyul Trust C'ompaiiy pay texer Ail offers are to be Submitted li bcpyb’ Mlmilei Depar Unvnl of- High- ua' eauii (en- de: wt U) - paiymt'ni of the bedance upon Qolincatl PR of acceptance. iieen uji Mliile Wilh gitfdii tie ami ieiluw oil ulille v CItll ones. (Toll Free 2enilh 6644), PRINCE GEORGE 663-0211 (Toll Free Zenith 6414), KAMLOOPS 374-4141 (loll Free Zenith 6565)'^ Blaier and Slacks Set Both for .00 I . MEN'S KNIT DRESS SHIRT i4i)) Arnd jeidtiy Bhirt for great summer (•iinfori! 39*88 Wsdfs Styls Spsoksrt too Sale Price, pair /•OO Engina Tune-Up Kit (l OUi Includes compression gauge, liming tight, remote starter switch and vacuum and fuel pump tester. Complete with earplug for priv¬ ate listening TRANSONIC Radio Casiotta racordar i235i AM/F'M solid slate circuiting, automat¬ ic and manual recording level control, bat¬ tery or electric power supply Tone control and monitor switch plus AFC control and buill'in anienna. Vt iiiie Wajiui C i*ecii 1 voje.i,»n bd Jj I'Hl.'is. n..t.:i.iiudc 'fl fa.' \i.l"iit* ii.- ibc.'iied ■jxflilicial..' wij'i sy iirpjn.y ~ * - 4iiii]y wiio nar- rowly defeated incumbent John Tisdalle lor the Social Credit nomination m Saanich and The Is Uiiu U last Friday, will will the »eat )n the next pruvinci Hi clectiuii. Its madness is based in Northumberland but the many find are in Harlem.Candor perms who you feel dob radicals is fun men looking in dating a commitment of england, japan.

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O'Cimne U said the role of the courts in the collective bargaining s^’stem is a matter “I haven't been able to give enough attention to in my own tliinking.** For that reason, he emplia' sized tiiat his comments were tentathe and definite Lv did not a'ppl- ovem-helming m Ai^ins. But his doctom mxv ha\'e taken him off the critical list. voned in boto contests, the magnitude of his victories in¬ dicated that politicians who said Uie shouting wx Mild draw sympathy votes and turn uiit hiv supporters may have been right. northern soldiers, who had been ihcy were now iicing supplied by Awtulaiid! Won- lit riuiand coubln'l take that l}ing down, so . field at il.e iegimi hdi J here, vaiuxis problems existing m t U iiai- bor were discuss4ai by town l■ll(ncil meini^eis. eerd«ir govenuneni oi- f* lals, fownchah Vailey le- giixml troard inemiiers an! Wivate reshtents inciudti.g memioers of tlie recently h/imcd Save the Haiixa ('lau- Aiiout Sti pec Hd* • AMeiuied t h e meelmg. Menaies said the ana¬ lyst la Miss Whitet had eiie U Ui not ai(alysmg the stomach contents and Athwail eiretl m ii(d sending all Uic sanipics. Mamiy David 4t.y wiiere tiiey met a tiuid man Jolui Kdward Mc Dotudd.