On the verge of dating

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By "infectious," I take it you’re referring to syphilis.

What are some of your favorite date activities in NYC?

They can be anything from classically conventional ("How about we..to a bar and drink 12-year-old whiskey") to quirkily creative ("How about we..to a free marriage counseling session with a priest knowing nothing other than each other’s names").The correct use of a semicolon is like a victory ticket. Again, it’s not that girls are looking for some insane costume-dress-up-scavenger-hunt-on-a-motorcycle-diamond-stealing extravaganza (although that sounds kinda hot). It’s not that the dates need to be long and involved; a quick classic date is a winner. And yet there are so many guys that come back with a lime instead." Not making eye contact means you are elsewhere—and elsewhere is unattractive.And it’s about fun—a guy who authentically creates a sense of playfulness and makes it infectious is a skillful dater.(a/n: b/o/y/c= boy of your choice) B/O/Y/C: okay, it's been 3 solid months and I'm not sure how I feel right now but, I'm not okay. I've tried to give you nothing but my love and affection but it's like you don't even care anymore.

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Me: how can you possibly say you're in love with me when you went out and did what you did to me. I've been asking since day one and you still won't give me a solid answer.

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