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Online dating websites japan

Japan, in particular, is one of the most popular countries where guys look to find a good woman.I myself have lived in both Tokyo and Osaka for periods of time and have quite a bit of experience with Japanese girls.A sakura user usually: ・Won’t properly answer a question in detail ・Will suddenly go off on a tangent and change subjects abruptly ・Is extremely polite and sucks up to you a lot ・Will Endlessly try to seduce you I knew there would be fake girls on dating sites. So, I made sure to take a few notes and got on to charging up my account.The fake girls were quick to act and I was immediately bombarded with a flood of ‘I am alone at the station looking for a bang’ messages which I easily ignored.Unluckily, I had studied Japanese before arriving so I was confident and stupid enough to sign up for a Japanese online dating site. There was a countless number of beautiful girls who were supposedly looking for ‘a good time’. Before actually putting any credit into my account, I did a little research on online dating and came across a Japanese word ‘Sakura’ (Not cherry blossom).‘Sakura’ means ‘fake’ and in the world of Japanese online dating, it means a fake girl. These fake girls would just spam, mail in mass and send very seductive messages to any guy stupid enough to take the bait and spend a shitload of credits.I have heard stories from friends that have actually met decent people from Japanese online dating sites.

On top of that, I would get bombarded with constant pointless questions. I felt like I had a truck full of rocks and shit dumped on my head. At that point, I had already chucked a shitload of money into the online dating site. But when 3 PM came I could only see a bunch of old people walking. I dashed to the convenience store to charge up my account hoping it was for the last time. But as a young guy, it really made me stop trusting the people on planet earth for a while…

Things went well at first, but when it came to “let’s meet up”, shit hit the fan.

While sending messages back and forth to one girl, I couldn’t help but notice my credit amount disappearing quickly.

At the time it was a real blow to any motivation I had to try dating in Japan.

It also left me eating cup noodles for dinner until payday due to lack of funds in my bank account.

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In the end, I know it was totally my own fault and I could only blame myself for not being smarter.

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