Oxbridge alumni dating race and dating violence

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Oxbridge alumni dating

Kirsty, one of the former students invited back to the school, said, “I wanted to pass on how proud I am to be a Danum girl because of the great start the sixth form gave me, so this was my chance to give something back.Also it was a nice surprise to be reunited with an old friend from the school play, circa 2001!Once we have helped reach out to former students and build networks of supporters, schools and colleges can begin to use this community in a variety of ways to meet a variety of needs.

The session was extremely inspiring for our students and we are now organising visits to The University of Oxford and The University of Cambridge for July and October.

So even if it’s not me who’s sent the email I can recognise names and it’s nice to see who’s keeping in touch.

The toolkit is also great with great resources that save the school a job such as the business cards and posters.

Our alumni events are great too, we had some Hepp SY workshops back in May which were fantastic.

I couldn’t believe we had that calibre of students coming back, it was great.

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