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This situation is called a “midnight culmination,” and marks the time when the star crosses the meridian, an imaginary line drawn from due north, through the zenith overhead, down to the horizon due south, at midnight.Traditionally the night of midnight culmination is considered the best time for observation because it is the time when the star is in the sky all night long.However, you can easily see Pollux in the evening as early as early each year as mid-October, when it rises in the northeastern sky before midnight (daylight savings time). The K0 means that it is somewhat cooler than then sun, with a surface color that is a light yellowish orange.From central Alaska, northern Canada and parts of Scandinavia northward, Pollux is circumpolar. (Keep in mind that the color a star appears depends significantly on the sensitivity of the observer’s eyes, and that color is difficult to discern with most point sources.) The “III” is a “luminosity” class designator, indicating basically how much energy it is putting out, which is largely dependent on size.Que vous jouez en solo ou en bonne compagnie, vous apprécierez notre sélection pour vous exciter et pour vous faire bander illico.

attise votre curiosité, lancez en visionnant un de nos films de sexe très bandants, et appréciez la beauté au naturel du sexe féminin.But we chose this image because it shows Pollux’ yellowish color. S., Pollux and its nearby companion, Castor, pass high overhead.This image is from a post on Science Blogs about seeing red in star colors. There are no bright stars immediately around them, which makes them stand out and easy to identify.Pollux, otherwise known as Beta Geminorum, is the 17th brightest star in the sky, prominent in evening skies from late fall through spring each year. They are noticeable for being bright and close together, and so are often referred to as .It is ideally placed for viewing in March, when you’ll find this star highest in the sky during the evening hours as seen from around the globe. However, there are plenty of bright stars in this general area of the sky.


Follow the links below to learn more about the star Pollux in the constellation Gemini. A line drawn from Regulus in Leo to Capella in Auriga passes near Pollux and Castor.

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