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Pro You will have a hand to hold on walks and during the scary parts of movies. And what if your date is neither a walker, a moviegoer nor a hand-holder?

That second scenario is fine; most new movies aren't worth seeing, even with the discount.

So you just started dating, or you're about to post a profile for the second — or umpteenth — time.

You haven't yet met your soul mate yet, but you still think dating is fun. At other times the venture seems so mind-boggling you want to hang up your dating pumps for good.

So the pros of dating online can be summarized in these three key areas: convenience, communication, and chemistry.

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As far as the cons go, at least offline dating offers no place to hide.Even better, once your heart is set on a particular single you get to flirt with them by sending them a like or a wink, and you can start exchanging messages.In no time at all you can be finding out so much more about them, building a real rapport.Where online dating wins hands down is in its convenience.This isn’t just to do with the practicalities of being able to touch base with a diverse range of prospective companions from the comfort of your own home, or while you’re sitting on a train/bus/tube.

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As for scenarios 1 and 3, though, I would worry: Walking and holding hands are my idea of heaven.

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