Ptr not updating records in dns

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However, assuming that you aren't blocked for outgoing SMTP, you can use any server that "likes" you - that is, any server that will allow your IP address to relay mail through it.That's probably going to be another server under your control, or someone who knows you - there are few servers left that will let just anyone use them as a mail relay.There still are no requirements that you have a PTR record or that it be accurate, but because of the abuse of the internet by spammers, certain conventions have grown up.For example, you may not be able to send email to some sites if you don't have a valid PTR record, or if your pointer is "generic": Typically, the reason you get refused is because the "generic" pointer doesn't have an MX (mail exchange record): This is technically inaccurate if your inbound and outbound servers are different.

However, it is usually only necessary that the record exist and not contain "". Or you might think whoever handles your DNS would do this.

One PTR record can be configured per IP, linking that IP to a single domain.

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In fact, if you took a random sampling of addresses your firewall blocked because they were up to no good, you'd probably find most have no PTR record - a dig -x gets you no information.

That's also apt to be true for mail spammers, or their PTR doesn't match up: if you do a dig -x on their IP you get a result, but if you look up that result you might not get the same IP you started with. Originally, PTR records were just intended as a convenience, and perhaps as a way to be neat and complete.

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