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If you want to work with these functions, you HAVE TO have a date dimension (some people call it calendar or time dimension, although time dimension is different) in your data model.

This date dimension should have some requirements; The date dimension that is acceptable by time intelligence functions of DAX should; There are two options when you want to use the date dimension.

For the date field, because we are using the default date dimension; when you type the date field name (in this case Order Date from Fact Internet Sales), you will have the option to select a field from that table (remember that the date field is a date table behind the scene, Power BI creates the default date dimension for each date field) select the .[Date] field.

For example, Year to date value of sales can be the summary of all sales from the 1st of January of that year to the date specified.

There is a function in DAX specifically for the year to date calculation, named In our example, we are calculating the sum of the Sales Amount field in the Fact Internet Sales.

Time Intelligence functions in DAX are a set of functions that give you insight from the date and time dimensions.

Most of the analysis by date and time are in that category, as an example; year to date, quarter to date, month to date, same period last year calculations and etc.

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Total YTD is one of the methods of calculating the year to date value.

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