Racism in online dating korean american christian dating

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She's not happy with herself so she blames others and lashes out and writes about it.You can't call guys racists when you're banging white dudes 99.9% of the time.In addition you have of course feminism and the entire media-academie driven madness being poured into their moronic brains - and voila you have the modern SJW fat aggrobitch.The author could be cute and even attractive if she dropped 20-40 pounds and also dropped her shitty attitude - too bad that it has permeated her entire personality in this life: And of course the assessment of some of you is likely correct.She got banged by the very top of ripped tall White good-looking men and later dumped since she is fat and probably has a personality that matches this picture.Also many Beta men approach her because they correctly assume that Asian women are more forgiving of their Betaness.And we can safely assume that she banged the very best she could get - all of them not willing to truly date her.I assume she was really slimmer and cuter back then - before the full Lindy West disease broke out.

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The gender ratio in those places is crazy bad for men and the women behave perpetually like a 6 who just entered a club with a 90-10 male to female ratio.

Even a 5 in that environment would behave like a raging bitch who thinks she is hot shit.

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