Rebecca breeds and todd lasance dating

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Rebecca breeds and todd lasance dating

Being the kind of guy he is, Geoff puts everyone else before himself.

He cares about Nicole more than anyone else in the world and would risk everything to save her." The fire was started accidentally when a fight between Jai Fernandez (Jordan Rodrigues) and Trey Palmer (Luke Bracey) got out of hand.

Geoff's first love interest was the equally inexperienced Melody Jones (Celeste Dodwell).

He then dated Nicole Franklin (Tessa James) and lost his virginity to her, while they were stranded on an island.

Once they were rescued, Geoff and Nicole returned to the Bay and their romance took another shock turn.

Because he and Nicole had sex before marriage, Geoff felt the only way to make things right was to ask Nicole to marry him.

Nicole saw the proposal as an attempt to fix a mistake.

Geoff became determined to work things out with Melody and accepted Nicole's help.

Lewis told Stewart that Geoff loved the surprise at first, but everything about Nicole made Geoff question his beliefs about premarital sex and whenever they started to get close, Geoff knew that he could give in again and so he tried to back away.

When asked if Geoff was scared, Lewis replied "He is – but, to be honest, he's actually more scared for Nicole's life than his own.

Geoff and Nicole tried to light a fire and catch some fish, but were not very successful.

James called the situation "hopeless", but said that when they found ways to make each other laugh, they realised how much they meant to each other.

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