Reboot problems after updating symantec antivirus ethiopian girls dating chat

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Reboot problems after updating symantec antivirus

If the system restarts but any of those registry entries are populated, except by the exclusion entries, then no pending restart is cleared in Big Fix as we don’t know what particular restart wasn’t cleared.The OS and the installers are the only thing that clears those locations, not Big Fix I had this issue also and based on some reading I created this analysis.

Not only after patching but also after taking action “” , status doesn’t change after rebooting. Manoj Thathera Thanks for the reply @Jason Walker but in my case patches are installed 3 days ago and system got restarted many times. I saw an option where we can put an exception for a particular flag but this will not serve our problem, because I may don’t even know every time which flag is not getting cleared.

But many servers are patched before maintenance period and owner has restarted the server but they are again showing relevant in “Restart Needed - Triggered by BES Action” because their registries are not getting cleared and those servers will get restart again. Thanks in advance Manoj Thathera In my case, we narrowed it down to Symantec Endpoint Protection still requiring an additional reboot because it was populating Pending File Rename Operations even after a reboot.

Our “solution” so far is to set _BESClient_Action Manager_Pending Restart Exclusions to ignore “Symantec” in the Pending File Rename Operations registry key which causes the reboot to actually clear the pending restart flag.

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The Symantec Management Client Service controls many of the low-level drivers and other functions needed to run the service.

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