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Redating com

The Western scientific approach offers a rich body of understanding of the personal elements of mind, and Eastern contemplative traditions offer a methodology to look beyond our personal experience to more deeply understand ourselves and our place in the world.This is an integrative approach where every aspect of your life is significant in your wellbeing and in your healing.This approach is systems-based, looking to how we as individuals live through systems such our family, culture, socioeconomic status, gender, and spirituality.We are each in reciprocal relationship with these institutions - affected by them, and affecting them simultaneously.

” - Boulder Couples Workshop Participant "Maura and Andrew’s couples workshop was exactly what my partner and I needed.

If you are considering going to them for a workshop or coaching and you hope to restore your relationship, don't think twice, just go!

” - Sonoma County Couples Workshop Participant "Maura and Andrew bring a wealth of life experience and education to their workshop.

We offer coaching for individuals, couples, and groups to help you thrive in your connections.

Our approach to coaching is a synthesis of the Western scientific tradition with Eastern contemplative traditions.

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This begins an exciting, insightful, profound and regenerating process of developing a relationship with ourselves and the stronger this relationship grows, the stronger becomes our ability to build relationships with other people. Learning communication and relationships skills in a desperate attempt to correct the lack of love in one’s circumstances, shows in itself a deep mistrust of oneself, and deep disconnection from oneself.