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She was born into a cult Mc Gowan’s parents were living in Italy with the Children of God when she was born in 1973.

She remembers it as the first but not last cult she was a part of, because she believes Hollywood is its own sect, with its powerful men as the leaders.

“I forged William’s signature on the car’s ‘pink slip’ and traded it in for a spaceship-like sports car and never looked back,” she writes. I felt some guilt but my missing toenails reminded me that I shouldn’t feel too bad.” Her first love was murdered Shortly after escaping her relationship with William, Mc Gowan says she started dating a club owner named Brett Cantor.

Things seemed to be looking up for her, relationship-wise. The murder is still unsolved, “but I have been trying for years to remedy that,” Mc Gowan writes.

He once choked her and dragged her around by her collar, which caused her to lose two toenails.

Once her parents both made their way back to the United States, she bounced between living with her father — an often cruel man with manic tendencies — and her mother, who had a thing for abusive men and once had Mc Gowan committed for being a drug addict.The Charmed actress is currently in a relationship with non-binary model Rain Dove, although her most publicised romances in the past have been with men.But the 45-year-old has now revealed she kept her experiences with women under wraps because she was worried she would lose work.“I had to do press events with the Monster and see photos of us together, his big fat paw pulling me in to his body.” Mc Gowan was pleased when the movie flopped.Another man Mc Gowan leaves anonymous is her “Phantoms” co-star Ben Affleck.

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Her early memories include being beaten by cult members when she refused to say she had taken God into her heart and the day her father took a second wife.