Rules dating book review

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Rules dating book review

When the two finally kiss, it is only for her to reject him a mere moments later—claiming she only was curious about being kissed for the first time—and to spread rumors about their breakup.This was exceedingly frustrating not only for Silas, but also for me, the reader.However, to my surprise and delight, this book read much more like a fantasy novel than an actual romance novel.In fact, there was only one sex scene in the entire book—less than even some fantasy novels I have read—and a lot less than I was suspecting I would encounter.Instead, he never seems concerned about this, and is in fact, more troubled about if she likes Puff more than him.This seems odd to me and I wish the author would have given up some of the humor of Silas being jealous of himself in order for more of this kind of development.Um, hello, I would be thrilled if my boyfriend were able to shapeshift into a dragon—where are her priorities?

And can their love survive those that threaten to tear them apart? I was little hesitant, especially at the sight of the cover, which is not my general cup of tea.I thought this was a huge stretch, as she only actually met Puff twice—something that I found a bit of a letdown.I really would have enjoyed if the author had had Gwennore meet with Puff more often—he could have very easily taken her to meet the ancient sentient trees she could communicate with or to see the trolls.Though I really enjoyed this novel—and of course, I loved the entire premise of it—I felt the execution of it was sadly lacking.I often found myself wishing the author had gone deeper with her characters and developed the romance and the plot differently.

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Luckily, another dragon, whom she laughingly dubs Puff, saves her from crashing to her death and agrees to chase after Eviana.