Rules dating german guy speed dating 45 50 ans

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Rules dating german guy

They may have different taste of humor, but smile and laugh are universal language, isn’t? They do not accept jokes about their country’s dark history, thus never say Hitler’s name in front of them as a joke.

They will tell you all you want about their history if you ask them, but they never accept it as a joke.9.

Germans are not easily offended As they live with a strong gender equality, it’s better for you to speak up about anything.

But for some other German men, letting women paying their bills themselves is an insult to their pride.

All in all, different things happen for different condition.

For example, he picked you up from your place and you asked, “How do I look today? If he said you are beautiful, means he thinks that you really are.

But if he said that you put on too much make up, you have to seriously consider it on your next date. They are not fans of “light conversations”To get close to someone, you often make some silly jokes or talking about trivial matters endlessly with them. “Light conversation” with no particular topics is never considered okay for German.

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That would be an American culture of “friendliness” who love to break the ice of awkwardness between people.

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