Sagitarrius dating piecies

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The former is a slim young woman of average height possessing long, straight and glossy dark hair, reaching down to her middle back, which is gathered above her forehead in a prominent front bun, but is left to freely flow backwards on her shoulders in two strands.

You probably have a tendency to be everyone's "shoulder to cry on", but he'll naturally perform the same service for you, without being asked.You'll both receive many benefits from this relationship.Final Score: Pisces Woman Virgo Man compatibility = 90%.Chances are good that you, in some way, drew him to you for this purpose; he'll feel offended if you don't.You know that you don't like criticism, and he will tend to be somewhat critical of your playful and inspired behavior at times.

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Mercury and Jupiter support each other, and Neptune brings in an element of mystery and fascination that can be helpful, but is also hard to work with.

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