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Sean kingston dating shaniece

Hairston’s grandparents are named Sylvia Ferrer and Nengo Lozada, and she also has an aunt named Sylvia Lozada.There are reports that Hairston herself has a son but the details are not known.Hairston has appeared on the covers of several magazines like Vibe and Shu String, among others.She is happy in her relationship with English former football player Zat Knight and is working hard to make herself more successful in the world of showbiz.Born on June 15, 1993, in The Bronx, New York City, Shaniece Hairston’s age is 25.She is the daughter of Evelyn Lozada, one of the five main cast members of the VH1 reality TV series, Basketball Wives.He may have been a bit of a bad boy back in the day, prior to his days of knowing Hairston.

But Evelyn still found time, in the midst of a long night, to throw shade at frenemy Jennifer Williams.

She also advises that people should eat less fatty foods and drink a lot of clean, healthy water.

People are curious about Hairston’s personal life and often wonder if she has a husband or boyfriend. That’s not to say she hasn’t had her share of men in her life. She first dated Jamaican-American singer, songwriter, and rapper Sean Kingston, but the relationship lasted for only three months.

Fans are always wondering when or if they’ll be hearing wedding bells any time soon, but these two have kept a tight lid on any future plans!

Thanks to her modeling assignments, TV appearances, and sales of her branded products, is estimated to be around .0 million currently.

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Instead of the regular three meals a day, Hairston says that people should eat low amounts of food five times a day after every three hours, so that their metabolism is regularly stimulated.

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